Size Base Height Liter KG Price
Ø 20 cm Ø 15,5 cm 7 cm 1,7 L 1,3 kg 80,00 €
Ø 24 cm Ø 19,5 cm 7 cm 2,6 L 1,7 kg 86,00 €
Ø 26 cm Ø 21,5 cm 7 cm 3,2 L 2 kg 92,00 €
Ø 28 cm Ø 23,5 cm 7 cm 3,7 L 2,2 kg 97,00 €
Ø 32 cm Ø 27,5 cm 7 cm 4,5 L 2,8 kg 105,00 €

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Product information “Stewpot”
Perfekt pans perfectly meet the high demands of healthy, modern cuisine with attractive design, best quality and sustainable, efficient dimensions. The special non-stick coating allows healthy cooking, low-fat or even fat-free. They are ideal for frying and braising vegetables, meat and fish. The thick base distributes heat optimally and stores heat; no warping of the cookware! All removable attachments such as handles and stems are ovenproof up to 180°C, all fixed attachments as well as glass lids even up to 240°C! At Perfekt, every part is cast and coated by hand – 100% “Made in Germany”.
You can download instructions for use and care of our products here as a PDF file .


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